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Merchant Cash Discount Program

Merchant cash discount program is the simplest form of payment processing program where a merchant offers a discount on the marked credit prices on the shelves when a customer pays by cash. It’s a form of payment processing where a business owner passes the cost of processing fee to the customer who chooses to pay with a credit card. The business owner posts a sign indicating that a service fee is added to all posted prices, but this fee can be waived for those who pay with cash or check. The cash discount program allows business owners to eliminate up to 100% of the credit card processing fee. The merchant cash discount program is powered by Finical, Inc.

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Offset credit card processing fees and save big each and every month! Cash discount program puts money back in your pocket.


The cash discount program makes payment processing simple and smooth. When a customer pays with cash, pricing disputes, interest rates, processing fees, chargebacks, and other complicated accounting items can be drastically reduced for both parties.


We offer free terminals and the latest payment technology. Plus, delight your customers with tap and pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


While offering customers a lower price with cash payment, the majority of customers choose to pay by cash, which means faster access to the cash and no more waiting for funds to be deposited in your account.

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