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eTech Launches Advisory Council (September 2008)

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, September 2008 - - eTech Transaction Solutions Inc., announced the formation of an Advisory Council of representatives of its major clients. This Council is designed to provide a forum for open discussion regarding eTech's products and future development. It is envisioned that the select group of industry leaders asked to participate will utilize this Council as a means of honest assessment of eTech's services, and as an opportunity to share their vision regarding market changes and product ideas to address those changes. 


The Advisory Council has a membership of five of eTech's most active clients representing a variety of industries. It meets telephonically once a quarter, beginning with its first meeting which occurred in September. Between formal Council meetings each member is encouraged to contact eTech Executive Management with any concerns or opportunities they wish to discuss. Likewise, eTech's Executive Management will regularly provide feedback regarding prior Council meetings, and will seek advice or comments regarding issues that arise between formal sessions.


"We are extremely pleased to have the participation of these five major accounts." Michael Murphy, Executive Vice President of eTech stated. "We view this as an opportunity for our customers and eTech to work together to direct the features, performance and utility of eTech's products. We are anxious for such input and believe that the synergy of the Council and eTech's product development team will contribute to the continued success of both our clients and eTech."


About eTech Transaction Solutions ( Now in its 17th year, provides cash flow solutions for business, financial institutions, school districts and a variety of state and local government entities. eTech systems combine sophisticated technology for increasing funds availability with exceptional customer service. Solutions include funds recovery services on returned deposits and simplified Check 21 systems. Annually eTech handles the funds recovery on millions of dollars of returned checks and electronic demand deposit items for its customer throughout the country. Contact: Michael Murphy, EVP, eTech Transaction Solutions Inc., 1-800-826-8185 or

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