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eTech Announces Check Recovery For Financial Institutions (November 2007)

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, February 2008 - - eTech Transactions Solutions Inc., announced the formation of its Electronic Check Recovery Partnership program for U.S. financial institutions.


Under this program commercial banks distribute eTech's eZCheckNet funds recovery service to small business, corporate and public funds accounts. The program provides a simple method for a commercial bank to strengthen its relationship with its commercial accounts by providing a free full-service funds recovery service. The service includes the funds recovery of all returned deposit items, including checks (both paper and electronic) and ACH transactions. The commerical bank can easily "white-label" the service so as to retain customer identity, and can provide the enhanced recovery services of eZCheckNet, including intelligent re-presentment, the notification of national negative database systems, and funds verification as part of the returned item collection process.


In oder to simplify the implementation of the Partnership program eTech has developed its eZEnrollment module that provides the bank with the ability to enroll its commercial accounts without extensive training or marketing expense.


"This program provides banks with a means to improve their check processing operations, enhance revenues and strengthen their client relationships" said Frank Easton, eTech CEO. "In this very competitive banking environment a service such as eZCheckNet can increase a bank's market share and prevent the errosion of assets caused by commercial accounts changing bank relationships." 


About eTech Transaction Solutions ( Now in its 17th year, provides cash flow solutions for business, financial institutions, school districts and a variety of state and local government entities. eTech systems combine sophisticated technology for increasing funds availability with exceptional customer service. Solutions include funds recovery services on returned deposits and simplified Check 21 systems. Annually eTech handles the funds recovery on millions of dollars of returned checks and electronic demand deposit items for its customer throughout the country.


Contact: Michael Murphy, EVP, eTech Transaction Solutions Inc., 1-800-826-8185 or

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