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eTech Announces New "eZCheckNet Gold" Product (July 2008)

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, July 2008 - - eTech Transactions Solutions Inc., announced the rollout of its new product "eZCheckNet Gold" designed to allow merchants to handle checks with the ease of credit cards.


For over 17 years eTech has been working with business owners on how to eliminate the hassle of accepting checks. Now eTech has developed a product that eliminates check risk by utilizing a revolutionary system of check verification and conversion. For merchants this product means no more bounced checks, no collection efforts, and no bank returned deposit fees.


Building on eTech's recent marketing alliance with Diversified Check Solutions, Inc., it has integrated ACHeck21 with its verification and funds recovery program so that eZCheckNet Gold allows the merchants to treat checks exactly as they do credit cards - verify, scan and let the system take it from there. This system transforms the paper checks into electronic transactions that clear as quickly and with the same ease of operation as credit card transactions.


"Many merchants have come to view accepting checks as problematic and expensive. Some have gone so far as to turn away customers who use checks as their preferred method of payment." Michael Murphy, Executive Vice President of eTech stated. "Our eZCheckNet Gold product mirrors the credit card payment process so well that merchants don't need to turn away these customers anymore. With eZCheckNet Gold the check becomes an electronic transaction just like a credit card transaction, and the risk of it bouncing or any delay in clearing is totally eliminated."


About eTech Transaction Solutions ( Now in its 17th year, provides cash flow solutions for business, financial institutions, school districts and a variety of state and local government entities. eTech systems combine sophisticated technology for increasing funds availability with exceptional customer service. Solutions include funds recovery services on returned deposits and simplified Check 21 systems. Annually eTech handles the funds recovery on millions of dollars of returned checks and electronic demand deposit items for its customer throughout the country. 


Contact: Michael Murphy, EVP, eTech Transaction Solutions Inc., 1-800-826-8185 or

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