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Business, Financial & Government Service Solutions.
Financial Service Solutions
Partners at the Right Time With the Right Solution For the Right Protection!
Cash Management
Introducing eZCheckNet services offers another value added service to your product line.
Financial > Partnership
An agreement is entered into between eTech Transactions Solutions, Inc. and your financial institution for the marketing of eZCheckNet service to your business accounts.
Collect bounced checks electronically at NO COST to you. Saves time and money, while increasing collection percentage and cash flow. Collecting out-of-town checks is no longer a hassle.
Consolidated Return Service
All return checks come directly to just one bank even if you have multiple depository institutions.
Funds Verification
Feel confident accepting checks with Funds Verification.
Check Guarantee
Your insurance policy against bad checks
Automated Payments
Even with the best intentions, some of your customers will have difficulty making every monthly payment to your office on time. You can continue to spend a small fortune on sophisticated billing and collection systems, or you can switch to one of the fast
Electronic Phone Checks
Electronic Phone Checks is an extension of the pre-authorized payment system used by insurance and mortgage companies since the 1970s, whereby you can accept checks over the telephone.
Online Electronic Checks
As online retailing continues its meteoric rise, merchants are searching for more and better ways to handle their customers' online transactions. Many online businesses already offer credit card payment options, but are finding that their inability to acc
Electronic Check Conversion
Electronic Check Conversion saves time and money while reducing the risks of NSF checks. A check is now as hassle-free as a credit card transaction. It's more efficient and secure. And it lets you focus more on your business and taking care of your custom
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Financial demonstration
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