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Electronic Check Recovery Partnership


Partners at the Right Time With the Right Solution For the Right Protection!



It's the Right Time

Streamline special handling return process using Check 21 image and MICR technologies.


It's the Right Solution

Simplify return operations with less handling of returned deposits.


Reduce supply and mailing costs by creating file or bulk mail to preferred recovery provider.


Create a new revenue stream; generate income not just on the returned check but also on the RECOVERED check. For every check electronically recovered, you receive shared revenue income.


Be your own first customer: mortgage, personal, credit card and student loan payments.


It's the Right Protection

Electronic check recovery (RCK) is the most efficient and cost effective means to collect on returned checks. By partnering directly with eTech Transaction Solutions, Inc., you receive the benefit of our eZCheckNet service without investing in the technology and operational support.

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